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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Tips For Anti Aging, Growing Old Gracefully!

5 mistakes & myths most people make when trying to look and feel young!

Firstly, people think exercise is the answer to everything. They will wake up, go to the gymnasium and run two kilometres, then get on the bicycle for half hour daily and assume they are the healthiest person on this planet. I have a big wake up call for you.

Secondly, learn healthy eating habits. Yes, healthy eating is very crucial, but you must take action and alternatives.

Third, "I eat fruits and vegetables." This is my all-time-favorite quote. This person is not well-educated on how to be healthy. Clearly, to eat fruits and vegetables will not harm you in any way, but to really get healthy and slow the aging process, fruits and vegetables is simply not just the answer.

Fourth - surgery helps. Nowadays, too many people rely on surgery to correct the problems, but they're really just creating more problems for themselves years down the road. The goal is to estimate a healthy aging tips to keep you looking and feeling healthy as you can be a natural. Women in particular suffer to think surgery will answer all their wishes.

Fifth, 99% of all health conscious people are educated wrong way to free radicals, and how it relates to aging and disease. Imagine cutting an apple in half. Then consider that apple turn brown over time. This is exactly what happens inside our body. When you turn 20, we are no longer growing. The body stops producing the anti-aging enzymes (not as when we were a child) and start to rust and die. It is a slow process, but every human being dies. Who wants to make these anti-aging enzymes, as we move into our 30's - 100 of?

People do not realize that this world is not the same world we lived century ago. We are constantly under threat. The hand-phone radiation affecting our brain, the gas we breathe every time you fill up our vehicle fuel, the food we eat, air we breathe. We need to protect against a relentless progression of this free radical damage. Most people understand the traditional way to combat this free radical damage.

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