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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Put The Brakes On Fading Beauty Before It’s Too Late

Many of us are worrying about aging “gracefully” Why?, let’s face it, there’s simply nothing graceful about dull, paper thin, sagging skin, dark under-eye circles, smile lines, crow’s feet on your eye’s corner, forehead wrinkles - or any of the other effects time can have on our appearance. Some of us tend to camouflage these tell tale signs of aging.

The breakfast meals could be putting our on the fast-track to old age. A bowl of cornflakes, a slice of bread with butter…a spread of tuna in mayonnaise. A cup of coffee or tea. We probably start our day with at least one of these breakfast regime. These foods could very well be speeding up the aging process—and making us look older than we are. Cereals, dairy products, and beverages like coffee and tea actually contain compounds that break down this essential protective substance. Eat or drink any one of them first thing in the morning—when our body’s precious reserves are naturally at their lowest anyway—and we are inadvertently putting our body at an age-accelerating disadvantage.

Change the very course of aging inside our body. Let’s look better now than we did a decade ago. I have a friend, the one who can run to the grocery store in sweats, without a spec of makeup on, and somehow still looks fantastic. She still looks quite exactly the same as she did in her final year image. We can look young and vibrant by neutralizing two of the major causes of aging:

  1. Free radicals
  2. Buildup of toxin

Free radicals can lead to those crow’s feet that creep in around the corners of our eyes…those age spots that speckle your hands and face

Vitamin C plays a key role in producing collagen, which is responsible for keeping our skin firm and wrinkle-free. And vitamin E keeps our complexion soft and supple by helping our skin stay hydrated.

Environmental toxins can easily overshadow our youthful radiance. In fact, some experts believe that those dark under-eye circles that can add years to our appearance are directly related to the buildup of toxins in the body.

Rekindle our luminous glow.Think about a glass window, the soft golden light flickers and sparkles off of the pane of glass. After years of exposure to the elements, that glass can cloud over until we can barely make out the faint glimmering behind it.

Well, in much the same way, environmental toxins—things we are exposed to every day, like pesticides, pollution, preservatives and so on - can build up and conceal that glow we had in our 20s.

And, unfortunately, bringing our inner glow back to the surface isn’t quite as simple as washing our face. Unlike the dust and smudges that accumulate on the surface of a window, heavy metals, chemicals, and other toxins build up inside our body.

Back to beautiful—OVERNIGHT. When it comes to looking fresh and beautiful day after day, year after year, there’s one natural process that simply can’t be overlooked. Yet, it may be the most abandoned of all—a quality good night’s sleep. It might be the oldest beauty secret in the book.

When we wake up after a sound night’s sleep, we witness it from that first glimpse in the mirror in the morning…

  • our skin has that peaches and cream radiance
  • our eyes sparkle, and
  • We look as refreshed and renewed as we feel

In fact, sleep is probably the simplest thing we can do to…Bring new vibrance to a dull, tired complexion

Difficult to sleep well? Warm milk gives us calming effect before fall asleep. Milk helps us get the restful sleep we need to renew every part of our body—inside and out. And that’s when our skin will really start to glow. It’s derived from a natural milk protein that contains a specific compound known to have relaxing properties.Milk helps relieve occasional sleeplessness by promoting relaxation and calming your mind.

We will experience – “No tossing and turning”… No long, late nights of worrying . No more waking up to a pale, pasty complexion or droopy bags under your eyes. Instead, we’ll feel the tension of the day gracefully fade away. As we thoughts mellow, we’ll find ourselves drifting off to sleep effortlessly.

And we’ll wake up looking gorgeous from the moment the sunlight touches our face each morning… With the sort of refreshed radiance other people have to fake with foundation, concealer, and blush.

Stay firm and flawless— without a facelift .Getting those stunning, youth-restoring results has to be accompanied by preserverences & self deciplines…

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