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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Healthy Wealthy (Part 2) : Making New Friends

Hullo, welcome back!
Today is the coolest day I ever had since the past 1 year.
I had experienced a full-pack healthy activities through out the day.

6.30am I was in Tasik Perdana (Lake Garden) climbing 142 steps on a staircase to Memorial Tun Abd Razak, I did it 2 times.

7.00am - 8.00am ,I successfully did simple Tai Chi routine conducted the Tai Chi group lead by Uncle Khoo. There I met my new friend, Kak Aisyah who helps me much to improve my Tai Chi steps. (she bears same name like mine)

This Lenglui name is Jeanne, my nutrition instructor from Healthy Wealthy Nutrition Club. I first met her 1 week ago during my competitors survey at Jusco Metroprima. Next to her is a beautiful lady , Salmah who shares a lot about health stories, benefits and concerns.

3 steps: 1st for cleansing ( I can taste a lime/citrus zest in that clear cleansing portion) H . Aloe cleansing drink, 2ndly for energy... it's a H. Concentrate Tea. 3rd for nutrition , taste like vanilla-banana milkshakes

I love the curtain with Money-Come & Luck-Calling Cats motiffs.

This is appeals to me. Pantang aku orang sebut 'tak tahu'!

Kit, also an instructor there. He is young, rich and famous!

My new 1 Malaysia friends.

Kak Ai-Lin, my new friend who suffered from 'sakit lutut' 8 months ago.

This poster is very meaningful and so true. Don't you believe that in my house I don't have even single grains of sugar since last August 2011? Only purchased bila ada guest datang. (Hotel sachet type)

Monday, December 5, 2011

Healthy Wealthy (Part 1)

I'm going to join this eating club. It's a restaurant? .... more to an eating place where the nutrition is served based on Herbalife products. I am going to visit the restaurant for the first time this Saturday at 9.00am.
The nutrition pack priced from RM13.00

It's a place where people like me use to hang-up and sharing the stories.
Well, I'll find up more.. later when I physically do my first visit there.

And, this article is purposely published to meet requirement of Cari Forum members.
They enquire about Kinohimitsu Kilos Cut.

It's a good investment, RM129 as substitute to heavy- unhealthy lunch or dinner.
You no need to consume nasik lemak every breakfast that cost you averagely RM2.50 per morning. Or Roti Canai and teh tarik which total up = RM1.20 + RM1.00 = RM2.20 averagely.
24 Working days x RM2.50 = almost RM60. Plus your lunch expenditure RM4 X 24 working days = RM96. Busuk-busuk monthly food expenditure at workplace = RM60+RM96 = RM156

Some people fear that if they are not seeing a reduction of kilos on the scale, then weight loss is not happening. In all actuality, it’s quite the opposite. While you may not be seeing a decrease in kilos, you are likely seeing an increase in muscle, leading to a decrease in overall inches

Rather than focusing on the numbers revealed on the scale, turn your attention to the reduction in inches lost to measure your weight loss progress.

Muscle vs. Fat

The key here is to understand the difference in muscle and fat. Because a pound is a pound no matter what you are measuring, one pound of fat is equal to one pound of fat. The common saying, “muscle weighs more than fat, ” is wrong. A pound is a pound, no matter what you measure. However, fat and muscle are composed of different substances, look different, have differing effects on the body and take up varying amounts of space in the body. Fat takes up more space in the body and has a lumpy appearance.

Muscle, on the other hand, is lean and smooth. For visual purposes, picture a lean steak equal to the size of a regulation sized baseball. Now, picture approximately three times that much jello in a bowl. If these ingredients were placed in your body, would you prefer the lean, compact muscle or the jiggling bowl of jello? A person weighing 150 pounds, with 14% body fat will look much leaner than a person who weighs 120 pounds with 35% body fat.

This fat can be of two types namely visceral fat and subcutaneous fat.
Subcutaneous fat is what is under our skin but visceral fat is what makes our central part of the body look fat. This fat is present around our internal organs and is also called intra abdominal fat.

All fat is not created equal. Unsightly as it is, subcutaneous fat, the fat right under the skin, is not as dangerous to overall health as visceral fat, the fat deep in the belly surrounding vital organs.

Visceral fat is more difficult to lose as compared to subcutaneous fat. People with excess of this kind of fat are more prone to diabetes, heart problems and other health risks. The more of this fat you have, the more close you are to getting many diseases. To lose visceral fat fast, one needs to get the body back in shape through exercises and diet.

See, the fat reduction chronology

Colon cleanse. Is the key to wellness.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Rejuvenate and Refresh : Lake Garden, Kuala Lumpur

Azan Subuh berkumandang seawal jam 5.37 pagi.
Aku terkebil-kebil.

Malam tadi aku telan 2 slices Salisbury Steak brand Marina. Sedap wooo.. My favourite ni, 85% daging lembu, bukan lemak taw, 1 kotak = 4 slices. Why I really craved fatty food? You know this kind food can be comforting. Salisbury Steak ni kalo nak tahu, healthier sikitlah dari daging-daging burger biasa. So, dah dinner rasa regret pulak, macamana aku nak dispose calorie tu.

6.00am, aku basuh muka ala-kadar, tak mandi pun, aku cari 4 quarter yoga pants ku, long sleeve T-Shirt, sneakers, sports towels. Start enjin keta, 6.18am dah sampai The Lake Garden aka Taman Tasik Perdana. Ada dalam 12 bijik keta parking by roadside.

Last week aku sampai nak pengsan lari bawak 2 kilo pasir, tapi tu aku lari dalam area Kampung Sg Penchala jer, tak adventure lansung. This week nak wat lagi.

Aku jalan-jalan moderate speed... how to start? jog-jog-jog...cheeewah.
Dah lari 2 kali round tasik seawal pukul 6.30pagi-6.50pagi. Hairan betul, lansung tak berpeluh.
Something wrong with me kew?

*Dinosaur Park Playground, Taman Tasik Perdana,
Free Tai Chi Class every day 7.00am - 8.15am*

Aku fed-up, lalu depan auntie-auntie yang tunggu free Gi Qong ker Tai Chi class kat depan playground tu, aku tinggalkan 2kilo kampit pasir atas bangku kat Playground Dinosaur Park. Aku nak lari panjat bukit pulak. Haaa... kali ni memang pancit. Kardio. Semput aku. My heart beated faster. Oksigen! Oksigen!
Mula-mula boleh la lari, last2 gear satu la aku. 2nd round naik bukit, ada satu couple Mat Saleh about early 50's aged. Siap boleh pintas aku naik bukit. Nhuh... tercabar aku. Memang aku tak fit. So, by 7.30am, aku dah buat 5 round panjat bukit. Okay la tu, sweating. "ANY EXERCISE IS BETTER THAN NO EXERCISE"

* Kalo malas naik bukit pakai trail atau track, boleh pilih this option, ulang alik naik tangga turun tangga. Ni staircase ke Memorial Tun Abdul Razak. Aku rasa ada 240 anak tangga. Ulang sampai 20 kali, comfirm jadik*
Dari pukul 6.30am- 7.30am aku jumpa 3 orang aja Malay out of 30 Chinese yang exercising kat situ.

My friends ada invited I register Celebrity Fitness kat my Head Office. RM129 per month. Discount for Tesco's staff only RM110 monthly. From my survey, 'where got time'? ramai yang register join the membership, tapi tak utilised pun. Just pergi sauna 15 minutes per week. Pity.
On the other side, Olivia Munn proves that ' YOU DON'T NEED A TRAINER, A GYM, OR EVEN A SNEAKERS TO STAY FIT'.

Okay, now... aku pegi kat playground tempat ah so -ah so perform Tai Chi.
Ada satu Malay woman about 40+++ ages.
"Kak, lambat lagi ker nak abis? Saya nak join ni"
Akak tu reply ada dalam 20 minutes lagi.

Aku pun join la step-step Tai Chi tu. Semua kiraan sampai 15. Then close, move to next move kira sampai 15 lagi. Aku follow la sampai 10 minutes, aku stop, duk atas bench tengah2 uncle-uncle & auntie-auntie perform tai chi.

* masa ni tak ramai lagi join, after 30 minutes, suddenly toleh belakang ramai lah joiners *

Then datang sorang old man. "Kenapa you tak continue?"
" Kaki I sakit, baru lepas accident, I jatuh tangga 7 tingkat tak bole buat movement ni"

Then aku chat-chat dengan that old man, Uncle Khoo kira macam leader practitioners group tu la. Dia nak acupuncture kan kaki aku kalo aku agree, & buang darah beku.

8.30am aku jog ke kereta. Drive balik umah dengan sport towel atas kepala aku singgah beli paper, absolutely say no-no to nasik lemak & roti canai walau I was craving for lemak-lemak that time. Hancur programme aku nanti. Discipline kena ada.

Lepas wat self spa kat umah, aku siap2, pakai my best attire pergi Mid Valley Mega Mall, masuk Carrefour, masuk Metrojaya, masuk Jusco. Survey, took photos, detail one, my boss wants to see all the competitors' price architecture, display way and bla-bla-bla.

12.30pm aku dah sampai umah. Lapar. Masak 3 slices dory fish with herbs. Aku mentekedarah.
Pastu aku rasa sooo sleepy. I found myself really tired and cranky during the day. Aku layan tito. 5.30pm baru terbangun.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Bertabahlah... Diadora Bag Via Guardian Stamp Collecting

Currently I have 8 stamps.
Discount Duration: Wed, 9 Nov 2011 - Wed, 28 Mar 2012

I want that sporty-classy backpack.
Can't wait to have that.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Bukit Broga! Tunggu Aku Datang....!

Indah sungguh. Tapi ada officemate aku kata tak cantik mana pun Bukit Broga.
It doesn't matter. Yang penting aku happy.

Aku sudah tak karuan...
Sejak aku tengok photo-photo pre-wed Sheikh Muzaffar dulu, aku mula pasang niat.
That, one day, aku mesti panjat jugak bukit ni.

Maka pada hari Selasa yang lepas, masa lunchies kat Sup Meletup, Greenwood, Gombak.
Aku membentangkan proposal, mukaddimah untuk merealisasikan matlamat aku ke Bukit Broga. Bukan senang beb, kalo aku muda belia, pada fasa umur 20-an... senang jer, hari ni niat, esok terus jadi, dah boleh up-load dah gambar panjat bukit kat facebook.

Ni dah tahap auntie-auntie ni, kena banyak planning.
Kalo ikut hati, aku pegi jer sorang-sorang hari Ahad ni, ajak lah sorang kawan wat teman, tak susah, menjadi jer. Bukan jauh Semenyih dari Damansara, dalam 45minit sampailah kut kalo kuar rumah pukul 7.00 pagi.

Last aku panjat bukit - April 2011.
The last time I climbed was Bukit Terasek, Taman Negara Kuala Tahan. Pancit aku dibuatnya.

A mama with 3 kids, rarely exercising, only sitting on an office chair all day long, and lying on the lazy bed all night long. Weekdays view limits to pc monitors and documents, weekend views goes to apparels and accessories at bazaars & shopping complex. Where is the life that i recognised? Gone away...

For the 1st time come the craziness to organize hill climbing activities
The group will consist:
*Syariza Syawal from Jusco Headquarter, my junior colleague who successfully climbed the Broga Hill last 2 years with her team*

* Syarifah Suryaney from Tesco Head Office, my office mate who actively cycles every Saturday with her group*

* Rosnah, my old-time friend from caring Pharmacy who never join out-doors activities*

A few out-ward bounders friend from Ija’s side
& a few out-ward bounders friend from Rosnah's side.

Target: Saturday, End December 2011
So, kengkawan sapa-sapa yang ada terbaca & nak join sila pm ya.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Overhaul 20 Cawan Blood Sucker

*View dari tingkat 10, Block D, sungguh aku tak penah jejak area ni walau dah dekat 20 tahun duk KL, jenuh aku wikimapia zoom-in jalan nak datang sini*

Aku sungguh eksaited. Selama ini aku takut-takut nak berbekam. Ngeri bayangkan nak kena toreh dengan pisau cukur. Oh, tidakkk! Tak rela kulitku disayat-sayat zrassss...
So berpuasalah aku sejak malam tadi mengosongkan perut.
Nak dapatkan the best effect.

*Pintu rumah Che Wan, juru bekam... owh sweet nya...*

Tingkat saploh, dah lama dah aku tak berada lebih dari ketinggian 5 tingkat.
Best duk dalam bilik bekam, angin punyalah fresh, tak payah pakai aircond atau kipas.
Nyaaaman jer.

Aku meniarap atas katil spa.
Che Wan pump udara dari cawan bekam. Aku duk kira dalam hati satu-satu, tak leh concentrate ntah berapa cup Che Wan bubuh atas kulit aku. Pastu Che Wan ambil pen bekam.
"Tartttt... tarttt... tartttt..." makkk ai, mak oiii...
Kedengaran suara Che Wan menyapa cuping telingaku, "Sakit tak?"
"...emmm... boleh tahan..."
aku terpaksa mengambil masa lebih 5 saat untuk mereply soklan Che Wan.
(takkanlah aku nak melontarkan jawapan begini "tak boleh tahan...")

Pastu another 'tatttt...tatttt....tatttt'
Hadoihhh, berapa spot lagi nih? masa tu baru tatttt...tatttt...tartttt kat second cupping point, belikat kanan ku. MasyaAllah... aku mula fefeeling ala-ala orang tengah perform wat tatto. Sebab aku tengok video orang lukis tatto lebih kurang jah method dengan jarum bekam ni.

"Che Wan, Che Wan buat berapa cup?"
"Dua puluh cawan" ... argk... aku nak budget tahan sakit. Ni baru jarum untuk cup no2 ku dah sadis. Lagi verangan nak 40 cups.
"Tarttt... tarttt... tartt..." aku cuba kira, satu cawan ada berapa tikaman jarum... lebih kurang 20 tikaman jarum... bentuk mosquito coil, lingkaran nyamuk fumakilla gitu patternnya.

Paling sakit "tarrtttt...tartttt... tarttt.."
area betis & belakang lutut... iyyyerkkkk... nak pengsan aku.

Syukurlah darah aku mengandungi toxin yang moderate.
Takderlah sampai kaler itam pekat berbuih-buih.
Aku tengok tak sampai tahap warna maroon darah ikan tadi.
Just merah pekat, tak der macam jelly sangat.
Seb baik aku dah detox berpeket-peket dalam 3 bulan ni sehabis Raya Puasa 2011.

Aku dah prepare RM250 target nak wat 40 cup overhaul satu kali harung. Tapi juru bekam wat 20 cup jer, sebab aku tak kronik. 3 bulan aku jadi herbivor. Dah 3 bulan tak makan nasik, tak makan daging, takder darah tinggi, takder diabetes.

*Juru Bekamku , Che Wan*

Siap tanya, "Dah abis ni boleh saya wat aktiviti macam biasa?"
(padahal aku dah pasang niat nak ukur Jalan Tuanku Abd Rahman & pergi Jusco Taman Maluri)
"Boleh, tapi tunggu sejam baru boleh makan. Jangan makan seafood ya? Jangan minum air ais dalam seminggu ni"

Aku dah agak dah, pas abis berbekam, aku menapak longlai sejauh 200 meter ke kereta.
Kan ada keta kena tolak ke belakang keta aku. Adatlah duk apartment & flat yang mana jumlah keta > jumlah parking. Sumer tak tarik handbrake punya. Janji jangan ada slope, bukit dah...

Kereta Wira bertuah yang telah berjaya aku tolak dengan sebelah tangan, berjaya dialih dari kedudukan asal sejauh 4 meter... wolla!

Dah setahun aku tak jejak bekas tempat kerja lama aku, Headquarters Jusco, Taman Maluri.
Aku cari kaunter Korean Sunseeds, penat pusing-pusing tanya promoter, baru jumpa. Packaging pun dah lain, banyak pulak product baru dia.

Aku apply jadi member, pastu beli Go 30 - 2 at RM96.00
Huhuhu... nilah breakfast aku untuk sebulan.

Tu bukan kuku aku yaaa...
Tu kuku promoter tu, aku suruh dia pegang nak ambil gambar mana lagi outlets yang ada jual Sunseeds kat Malaysia ni. Senang sikit aku nak access.
Giler jauh aku nak kena travel ke Taman Maluri dari umah aku semata-mata nak beli Sunseeds.

Hujan di Jalan Masjid India, Jalan Tuanku Abd Rahman.
Aku pakai redah ajer tak de payung.
Habis dress aku yang English look, basah kuyup. Aku wat slamber jer.
Fefeeling citer Anne Hathaway dalam Princess Diaries: The Royal Engagement lepas jatuh kolam. Ngeh, ngeh, ngeh...
(oh, ya, semalam aku download citer Anne Hathaway berlakon 'One Day', nangis beriya-iya aku menghayati watak... cheh.. sob, sob... )

Lepas balik Jalan Tuanku Abd Rahman, tak serik-serik lagi,
singgah Guardian Burhanuddin Helmi, Taman Tun Dr. Ismail.
Beli Kinohimitsu KilosCut.
Orait gak, ada 30 sachet, 1 sachet sehari. Tahan sebulan. Jimat betul.
Yearghhhhh.... agaknya dah buat bekam,
laju sikit kut nak hilang lemak-lemak yang memalukan ini.

Pastu aku beli yang ini.
Memang satisfied, Guardian Inhouse Brand Lavender Spa Exfoliating Bath Scrub dia.
So, cepat2 aku tapaw May Lavender Bath Gel (2 packs), Softkin Lavender Shower Cream.
Boleh aku antar balik kampung product2 yang tak menepati citarasaku.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Lari Galas Kampit Pasir

Sebelum type entry aku google dulu, cari info...
Neyh ha, ntahapa-hapa yang dia try suggest.
Gila para-parasakura.

"Aku nak search: lari bawa pasir lah Tijah oiii...!"

Huhu... 6 hari genap aku demam... dah kebah dah...
Hari ni aku sibuk mencari beg galas seswai nak isi pasir.

Tak main la berlari-lari anak kosong.
Tamo free run, aku so ambitious nak wat style squad elit.

Member aku Zima Awi yang datang bertandang ke umah aku last Saturday hanya mencemik muka, " Extreme nya... orang mula dari bawah dulu..."

Aku diam. Diam-diam. Huhu, I'll eat the challenge.
Amat jarang aku cakap tapi tak buat.
Tak apa, aku mampu lakukan, keazaman aku tinggi.
Kalo salt water flush tu pun aku berjaya implement 10 hari.
Takkan lari bawak 2 kilo pasir aku tak bleh buat seminggu sekali?

Agak-agak kalo aku isi 2 kilo pasir kat dalam beg, rabak tak bahu aku?
Jogging carry pasir.

All-Purpose Lightweight Individual Carrying Equipment – or ALICE as the Military calls it.
Alice weighs about 20 pounds, give or take. Inside Alice is a sand bag partially filled with pea gravel. It’s a dead weight hanging on your back while you jog or perform pushups.
Really it’s a bag of fun.

Idea ni adik aku Firdaus Rohim yang berkhidmat dalam Pasukan Gerakan Am Polis Hutan Batalion 69 yang cadangkan kat aku. Sebelum arwah Babah aku meninggal, dia gemuk mendadak, within 2 weeks ajer boleh keep fit hilang 10kilo.
Tiap-tiap petang jogging bawak 2-4 kilo beg pasir.

Buy Me This! Nikon D3100.

This is sooooo me....!
I would be thankful if I'd be the owner to this masterpiece.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Lavender Is My New Obsession!

" Womanist is to feminist as purple is to lavender - Alice Walker "

It's all began when I joined my department's Away Day at Port Dickson in September 2011.
Before this, I never concerned about 'Lavender Smells'. Although I used to be candles and aromatherapy buyer, that sourcing for purple color with lavender scent, it never came to my sense that lavender has a very sensual and calming scent.

I stayed on water chalet with my roommate - Sharifah Suryaney.
Full set of bath amenities provided.
(But I preferred to use my own which I brought inside my travel pack)
The Avi Spa products; The Shampoo, The Conditioner, The Bath Gel and The Body Lotion. They are all organic, bio-degradable and Paraben-free. I did not even took a sniff on them!

"Saya suka bau dia, bau lavender...!" mentioned Sue. Lavender? So what?
I smiled but still could not digest the statement.
I never knew how does lavender smells like.

Last week, Saturday, November 14th, I was housekeeping. I found these bath gel and shampoo still inside my backpack. I tried in my shower.. Wooowwww! It came
with immediacy and intensity, smell activates the memory, allowing our minds to travel freely in time.

I read the packaging -
"Valour: a defining scent that invokes all inner confidence
and provides clarity on doubts inspired by the water elements."

*I owned this set at home. I love the smell it produces... very sensual. It's very soothing, calming & comforting scent*

This week, I just recovered from bad fever, bad cough.
I cleaned my house starting from Tuesday - Friday.
Changed my Ambi Pur Instantmatic refill pack from Cotton-Fresh scent to Lavender.

Also, I bought 2 Tesco Brand Lavender Pouches which I hang dangling from the ceiling right infront my laptop screen on Japanese table. Another one next to my bedpost. Its scent and aroma fill the lungs as does the sun on every morning. I find lavender has a somewhat minty-herbal-fresh-clean-smoky-purple smell. Yeah.

Last weekend, I was walking on Jusco Wellness Pharmacy aisles as early as 10.30am,
searching for correct lavender scent body shampoo. I whiffed from bottle to bottle until I could not help sneezing.

I ended up bought this one Summer Lavender Body Shampoo. But when I applied to my body,
I knew that was not what i wanted. Unsatisfied, today I bought this...2 at RM10.00.
May Shower Cream. Also not satisfied.

Not forgotten, I took Yardley English Lavender Tonique Pour Le Corps.
Okay la... I'm happy with the smell.

I have tried Johnson's Bedtime bath, but this time, I want to switch from something smells 'milky' or baby-smell to ... peaceful scent that brings me a peace that I have never known.

Lavender is primarily used in connection with insomnia, anxiety, depression, and mood disturbances. Many recent and past studies showing lavender’s effectiveness in producing calming, soothing, and anti-convulsive effects in those who use it. Of several fragrances tested by aromatherapy researchers, lavender was most effective at relaxing brain waves and reducing stress. It also reduces computer errors by almost one-fourth when used to scent the office.

Product Review: I love M the most.
'Ambi Pur Lavender Gel Fresh' for it's herbal-fresh-clean-smoky-purple smell.
Number 2, goes to L, Lavender Air Wash (same company with Air Wick)

Product Review: A & F = Air Mist
B, C, D = Spray Type Air Freshener.
A comparing to F, I like A. Because the mist produced just like sprayed from the water sprayer, fresher. Amongst B, C, D, I choose D for I does not smells like Johnson Bedtime Bath.

Shown in the photo above, the Ambi Pur Dual function air freshener. 1st step to clean the air, 2nd step to re-fresh the air. I might purchase it soon when I get my November salary.