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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Minuman Campur Aduk : Doogh (Minted Yogurt Drink)

"A really tasty drink and its easy to make, some people don't like it but I love it!"

It’s a refreshing yogurt based drink made of plain yogurt, icy cold water, and salt.

* Smooth & lightly frothy... *
Doogh is thick like a smoothie, but is, of course, salty rather than sweet.

Ingredients: (Serving size: 4 glasses) 1 cup plain yogurt 3 cups cold drinking water Salt (to taste) 1/2 table spoon dried mint & ice cubes

Rules of thumb guidelines: Fill 1/3 or 1/2 plain yogurt into the pitcher or jug or decanter. Add a little bit water, then shake them.

Au Naturel

It is not only palatable and digestible, but also posses an extraordinary power of quenching the thirst...

Add water to yogurt gradually...

stir the content to
dilute the yogurt mix with water.

The quantity of water can be adjusted to obtain the desired density.

smoothie... Smoothilicious...

Next, add a dash salt & mint and ice cubes.

Place a mint spring for a decoration.

Then its ready to drink, Voila!

Doogh has long been a popular drink and was consumed in ancient Persia. Described by an 1886 source as a cold drink of curdled milk and water seasoned with mint, by 2009 it was being referred to as a "minted yogurt drink".

The last syllable in Doogh is pronounced the same way the “gh” in the word Baghdad is pronounced. It can be called doogh, dûğ, ayran, dhallë, or t'an depending where you might be.

It’s super simple to make and it takes no time!


  1. tersangat fascinated aku baca minuman ko buat ni.. cam terpukau tengok daun hijau dalam tairu haha

  2. ahaha... true illusion tuh. Green color everly in-trend maa... Tu baru baca, lom minum... cer try minum, boleh kew?