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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Stress is Good?

From stress to serenity
Stress has become a familiar stranger to us all. Too much of it can actually paralysed you rendering you helpless.
We all know what stress feels like -
The jittery stomach and sweaty palms when you walk into an important job interview
or the soaring blood pressure when you're stuck in and endless traffic jam
Stress is a normal reaction to threats, changes in routines, or long-term challenges.
Some stress can be positive: it can give us a burst of energy to meet deadline or stimulate creativity and resourcefulness.

But stress that constant or prolonged
- high pressure work, relationship problems, financial worries, and loved one's illness
- can wreak havoc on your emotional balance and raise your risk of chronic illness.
Some possible signs that you're under too much stress are:
Anxiety, back pain, stiff neck, depression, fatigue, trouble sleeping, heart disease and high blood pressure.

Yes, stress can be good for you.
It can help stir us into action such as when a driver has to slam on the brakes to avoid an accident.
Stress response can be activated in a milder form to a time when the pressure's on
but there's no actual danger like stepping up to take the penalty kick
that could win the football games, getting ready for a date or sitting down for a final exam.

A little stress can help keep you on your toes, ready to rise to a challenge.
And the nervous system quickly returns to its normal state,
standing by to respond again when needed.

Some people revel in stress and need it to get through a situation,
for example studying just before the big exam.

Others like, extreme sports enthusiasts also called 'adrenalin junkies' positively welcome the adrenalin 'rush' provided by a dangerous or challenging situation.

"Stress is a burst of energy"
"It's our body telling us what we need to do"

"One minute per each day, you need to sit and do nothing but focus on breathing. No phones, no lists, no responsibilities.

It's almost like how you recharge your battery for your mobile phone. Wee need to recharge, too."

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