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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Cooking Prawn Curry & Fresh Water Fish With Chillies

That day was 27th January 2008. Sunday.
My hubby went to Morning Market at Kampung Sungai Penchala, looked for some fresh stocks. We had guest in our house, my younger brother who just came back from Sabah.

That day my hubby bought half kilogramme of fresh water prawns (udang galah) and a type og fresh water fish (I can not remember the name, such a weird name).

Well, I do not hate smelling, cooking and eating fresh water fish. I just dislike smelling, cooking and eating them. Why? Banyak tulang. The fish bone structures, the Y shapes and the double Y shape bones make it very complicated in sorting the bones out of flesh process. Unless I deep fry the fish until the bones get crispy.

The fishes was caught at a river in Kuala Selangor, the fisherman sold this fishes RM3.00 per kilogramme. We bought it for 1 kilogramme.

I cleaned the fishes, soaked them in lime juices for a few minutes to get rid the unpleasant smell.
I heated oil and fried fishes in peanuts oils until it turned into golden color.
Removed from wok. Leaving only 6 tablespoons of oil, I fried 5 cloves of chopped garlics and minced onions and chillies until aromatic. Then, I added 4 tablespoon of oyster sauce and add fried fishes into wok. Mixed well and cooked until sauce thickens.

The second dish for that day was "Gulai Udang Galah"
it supposed to be Gulai Udang Galah With Pinapples.

In Nothern, pinapples is the right combinations for seafood like prawns and crabs.
The sweetness and sourness of pinapple's juice give a unique flavour
when blends with prawn taste.
But that day I did not include pinapples in the curry because it quite time consuming to peel off the pinapple's skin.

According to my auntie, to make a good curry we must have 2 groups of ingredients.

Group 1: For saute' : 6 cloves minced garlics, 1 minced big onions, 1 stalks curry leaves, mixed spices (kaskas, mustard seeds, halba). Oil to fry Group 1, must be measure daccording to portion of Group 2 volume & capacity.

Group 2: 6 finely chopped shallots, 6 finely chopped garlics, blend well with 2 packets of curry powder. Must use 100 degree of celcius boiling water to mixed the ingredients...so the curry powder will blooms and soaken to the pluffiness.

Hmmm... I think, my next project is to create a special organised and well arranged blog dedicate to the collections of recipes I have tried out and mastered.

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