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Friday, January 25, 2008

Most Annoyying & Irritating Things...

Annoying Behaviour (according to some 20-somethings)...

" I hate people who walk really slowly infront of you
and it's impossible to get past them
so you have to walk at like 1 mph until i decide to leapfrog them or they get shot or something :"
mind your heart
" What/whom do you find the most annoying in your life?
I hate when people eat aloud and it really drives me mad.
I also hate delusional people that argue about something
that makes no sense or has no proof behind it."

" ..... people who drive too close to my ass"

" When people hits me with a bat.. "

"hate my parents when they're drunk(which is all the time),
hate hypocrites, hate suck-ups, hate boy shakira."

"People who cause awkward silences................................ "

" Anyone who thinks that saying something louder means it's more correct."

" hmmm conceited people, that have nothing to be proud of."

" yea i know what you mean.
like, i hate when people who realize they are losing an argument
either try to change the subject or try to take you down with them.
but only on certain occasions...
but what really ticks me off is when your having a serious conversation
and the other person tries to laugh to cover up the sieriousness of the topic "


mind heart, body soul

We are all guilty of being irritating to others at some point in our life, some more than others, in fact.

When the reverse happens, we get annoyed and angry.

What are the top irritating habits that irked some of us at least some of the time,
from the point of view of some twenty-something's...?
mind your body
mind your soul
*Screaming Children*
Today's New-Age parenting methods of persuasion simply do not seem to work on some children. The old-fashioned "tap" on the butt might well work better for some!
Mind Heart Body Soul
*Shutting The Lift In Someone's Face*
" I just hate it when someone jabs the lift door close almost as I'm about to reach it!"
mind heart body soul
*Impatience At Pedestrian Crossings*
Notice how some people would repeatedly press traffic light button
thinking that if they press hard and frequent enough,
the traffic will stop dead in their tracks and enable them to cross the road.
mind heart
*Lack Of Consideration*
"Picture this: We're packed like canned sardines in the LRT in a mad rush home.
The air is hot and damp and it stinks!
But some idiots thoughtlessly leans against the handle bar
like he's got no backbone for the entire journey,
oblivious to other passengers' need to hold on to it for stability!"
body soul
*The Droner*
" I just cannot stand it
when the other person doesn't take the hint
that I'm not interested in the conversation anymore"
my mind, my heart
*The Pesky Sales Assistant*
The sales assistamt who follow you around like a bee,
to help you choose your product,
when all you want is a little quiet time
to ponder on the benefits of the many confusing labels on the shelf.
There's a fine line between being helpful and pressuring the consumer
to purchase a 'recommended' product he or she may not need!
my body, my soul
*The Noisy Eater*
There, you are having fine dinner in a quiet restaurant with a gorgeous date
when suddenly you hear this horrible noise
as he slurps down his fancy soup, spoonful by spoonful;
or chews loudly with his mouth open.
heart & soul
*Sneezing Without Covering One's Nose*
Not only it is rude,
it can also turn ugly,
very ugly when...
my mind, my heart, my body, my soul
*The Attention Getter*
Notice how some people's voice or laughter ring several decibel higher than average,
just so they can be noticed?
The list can be endless.
All we can say is beware how we behave,
for we may be the very culprits of habits that may be equaly annoying!

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