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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Big Flood In Nothern Malaysia (Tikam Batu, Kuala Muda, Kedah)

"Ahoyyyyyyyyyy!!!.... I see a land! I see a land!... Look, there are coconut palm trees all over the island, houses too! We are safe now!"
mind heart body soul
Hmmm, never assume this pictures as an island, not either the river bank, not either the shore.
This was scenery from a boat.
We just left Kampung Bukit Lalang, Tikam Batu to escape from flood.
We were trapped in Kampung Bukit Lalang (Lalang Hill) which also known as "Bukit Lalang Island" during flood time, because only Bukit Lalang or Lalang Hill not covered by flood.
The water circled the hill, transformed the hill into island.

By looking at these pictures, one may assumes that we were travelling on the river, lake or sea.
No, no, no.... we were crossing the paddy field, about 3 kilometres x 5 kilometers area.
From Bukit Lalang to small town, Tikam Batu.

Look, my husband's face stressed!...
What was he worried about?
I just being happy at that time,
excited because it was the first time I could ride on the boats since 7 years ago.
It was a rare situation, so I grabbed a video cam and began to record everything possible.... Those moments already displayed back here.

Ha...... see, my husband was wearing a huge new type necklace... ur.. neckband..?
Ah.. that was my handbag he tried to secure...
On this small boats, we have to many luggage to bring back to Kuala Lumpur...
that was the reason why the boat was not so stable.

Reverse back to have a look, the scenarios at Bukit Lalang Village, Tikam Batu during flood time. It was October, 2003. Where the big flood (second time happened after year 2002) waves attacks almost lower part of nothern area of Malaysia.

The Kuala Muda-Yan district in Kedah and Nothern Seberang Perai in Penang badly influenced by the big flood.

The heavy rain kept falling down from the monsoon clouds.

Wherereas on the other hands, the waters from upstreams of Muda rivers was coming down to downstream, the waters level rose immediately, from the river went to the cannals sytem, from the cannals to the drain system, from the drain to the paddy field, from the paddy field rose up to housing area.... that was the mechanism

"Kecian ayam nih... tak sampai sekangkang kingkong pulau yang tinggal untuk dia..."

"Sabarq no.. pakcik... sabarq... nasib baik kayu balak hanyut, bukan buaya..."

"Flood indicator - already reached half-heighted phone booth"

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