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Saturday, January 19, 2008

My Dear Catherine.... Deadly unconcious, paralysed...

This is my collegue, my friend, Catherine Wong Eie Chien. She sits opposite to my table in office - General Merchandise Store 2 Division (Hardline), Jusco Headquarters, Taman Maluri Cheras. She is Bedding Department Merchandiser.
I still remember, that day - Tuesday, 15th January 2008. She was still laughing, giggling and responding to my cracky, wacky jokes. She's a polite, decent woman, with 1 daughter. She never acts rude nor misbehaves. She's just join Jusco and be my friends since September 2007.
On 16th January 2008, we were informed by her husband that she being paralysed on 15th January's night. She could not moved, she could not speak, only her eyes left wide-opened without blinking. She was admitted to Serdang Hospital on that night. 18th January 2008, she was transfered to ICU units Hospital Kuala Lumpur.
Why? According to her husband's information, an un-known virus attacks her brain - send her into this paralyse condition. I feel very sad, I pray ... everything will be alright and back to normal soon.

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