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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Indahnya Sungai Penchala... Exposure Bagi Sapa Yg Tak Penah Sampai.....

I first heard about Sungai Penchala in 1985 when Al-Arqam case was an issue during that time.
Sungai Penchala and it's related area: Bukit Lanjan, Kg Palimbayan, Pinggir Taman Tun Dr. Ismail... is creating sentimenal value to me... as the time goes by...

I've been living here since year 2001.
I prefer to stay here rather than my previous resident at Bandar Seri Damansara or new developed housing area like Kota Damansara, Sri Damansara, Damansara Damai or Saujana Damansara...

Here, Masjid Tengku Abdul Aziz Shah (painted in School Bus color)
is one of the landmark in Kampung Sungai Penchala.
Located in T-juntion in the middle of Sungai Penchala's hub.
This masjid can be seen from Penchala Link Expressway.
There's a new masjid replacing this masjid build in the inner area of Sungai Penchala near to Sekolah Kebangsaan Sungai Penchala.

Others, Masjid on Al-Hambra Hill also known as Balai Islam near Pertronas Fuel Station Sungai Penchala where can be seen from Damansara-Puchong Highway (LDP).

Please turn to right to reach my house...
My house is just 300metres from this Yellow Masjid.
To go further to the upper area of Sungai Penchala known as Palimbayan.

This photo taking session was done during evening rain (5.00pm - 6.45pm).
Alone in my car, my Cyber-Shot handphone on steering wheels.....

All I can say Sungai Penchala is full of hilly slopes and valley.
When you looked out of your vehicles window, you cannot see many houses...
but when you go out from vehicles and look beyond yellow fences, you will discover a lot of houses down there in the valley...

A 45 degree sloped road

Sample of road at Bukit Lanjan, neighborhood area... where aboriginal tribes lives there.
Today most of the Aboriginal Tribes @ Orang Asli were given a piece of Bungalow lots per family at Damansara Perdana where the price of property very high compared to other places.

Still, the Orang Asli cannot adapt themselves to the new environment.
I had a peek into their house in 2005.
The owner still loves to lay on the naked concrete car porch floor.

I can say, all over Sungai Penchala is a piece of land, divided into thousands of lots.
Originally, when you turn right from Yellow Masjid, starting from year 1960's - 1970's
rich peoples bought a hilly lands to make an orchard... (dusun)... Rambutan Orchard or Durian Orchard. Until today, we can see the remains of orchard.

Even my current house right now was built in 1971.
Originally a rest house for rambutan and durian orchard.
You can examine the lay-out, architecture and design, totally like a challet in it's hey day.
Sekarang sudah jadi rahsia rumah tualah... sarang anai-anai, tupai dan cicak hutan...
There's 4 rambutan trees next to my house. 3 teakwood trees (pokok jati emas) behind my house. On this small hill, theres 3 other houses and a bangsal.

The picture above is an example of rest house where the owner stays during fruits season.
Scarry, spooky and I felt very uneasy passing this area.

At this point, please be reminded, once you enter Palimbayan area,
I can guarantee you will never find a Malay's house in it... All belongs to Indonesian called Orang Kerinchi or Orang Minang...

The settlement of Indonesia, mainly from North Sumatera, Padang or Kerinchi.
They conquer the hilly slopes to bulid a house on it.

I used to visit one of their house at the foot of hill... just before Penchala Link Tunnel was build.
They use natural source of water from hill... (air bukit)... no tap, no plumbing, just a rubber hose plugged 1,500meter away from house to the water source...

The water drains non-stop, fill-up the water compartments in bathroom, continuosly, they let go the excess water fleed on the bathroom's floor to the drain and then to the Penchala's River (covered by concrete).

Once you reached the end of the road... you only can go off-road journey to Mont Kiara or Segambut... on your feet or motocycling.

On your right is ZA Art Studio. That's the end.
On your left - Surau or Musolla.
It was a bit scary here ... being alone without accompanied.
Quite risky and dangerous for a woman.
I could sense a danger here, let's quickly U-Turn and leave!

A surau at the end of the road


  1. thanks for sharing...aku kadang2 dengar this place especially hal arqam dulu tapi tak pernah pegi hehe..share lagi ah gambo

  2. my old house..
    who dosent luv sungai penchala
    but.. it getting modernize
    new mosque built
    but i luv the old one..

    that old surau at end of the road
    i still remembered it...

  3. ya... Sg Penchala & Bukit Lanjan...
    memorable area yet isolated & reserved in Klang Valley...

    3 Masjid.
    1. Masjid on top of Al-Hambra Hill near Petronas Sg. Penchala.

    2.Masjid Tengku Abd Aziz Shah (Yellow colored) at the centre of Sg. PEnchala.

    3. New MAsjid nearby Sekolah Keb. Sg. Penchala.

    3 musolla.
    1. at the end of Sg. Penchala Road
    2. at Kampung Palimbayan Indah, Sg. PEnchala
    3. Madrasah next to Tabika Perpaduan, nearby ABC Tomyam Shop.

  4. saya cucu tok empat Ismail.lahir dan tinggal ngan nenek hingga umur 8 tahun di sini.hijrah ke NS sampai habis study di UPM.kembali ke sini lepas temu jodoh org sini.memang banyak perubahan.rindu suasana dulu...

  5. yesterday evening there was a palimbayan villagers have appointed me to sell one acre of his land, prices is 2,600,000.any comment about this price?