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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Fantasy Masquerade 'Be What You Dream to Be'

I get headache! Headache! Headache!
thinking of our Annual Dinner...

Pakaian Beragam punya pasallah!

It's a challenge in choosing the right costume for someone who wears head cover.

In Annual Dinner 2006,
I was pregnant 6 months during that time.
So, I did not wear the costume matching the theme of that night "Motion Pictures".

In 2006, our department costume theme were Memoirs Of Geisha and Titanic.
A lots of other themes like Star Wars, Harry Porters, Wild, Wild, West... Pirates of Caribbeans & The Mask of Zorro.

My major interest during every Annual Dinner - A fine decent gourmet.

Secondly, I wait for stage entertainment,
where the hidden talent revealed,
where the hidden personality and characteristic discovered...
(the other side of our office mate's character that we never know... )

I still remember my friend Miss Jiss
ended up looked like Obi Wan Kenobi (but she didn't mean to be the one).

Dear All,

Kindly be informed that our Annual Dinner is scheduled on 28th May 2008 (58 days away).
Therefore, our HQ Dinner Committee has decided on the Annual Dinner Theme as follow:


'be what you dream to be'

1) For your information, we will have 4 business groups for our Annual Dinner as follow:

1.1) MD Office, NSC and others
1.2) Business Support
1.3) GMS
1.4) SCD

2) Each business group has to create your own group 'FANTASY' (costume).

Enclosed is the example for reference:-

Pretty ugly... very awful!

Any Muslimah who wears head cover during office time but get caught at the the Annual Dinner in this out-fit... surely would be a laughing stocks for the rest of the decades in our company.

Confused... This resembles Peterpan or Robin Hood?
Argh... what a funny ballerina skirts. At a glance I thought it was a green mutant froggie.

Hopefully, anybody wears this costume has a pair of good sculptured thighs.

What's this?

A Corpse's Bride? I guess not. Not bad.

Black is elegant and noble enough - safe choice. If you wear it right, it will not reflect the stupid look.

Nhuh? Nay, nay, nay...

This will make the ones who wears this fatter.

Fat and ugly
I correct: Fatter and uglier
Kembang sana, kembang sini, kembung sana, kembung sini...

Think of something smarter and nicer...

Ayo,yo,yo... For those who dares...

I love this one also. Similar to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory...


I don't understand! Kenapa ada makhluq yang bergelar manusia yang sudi dan tergamak 'menyetankan' dirinya sendiri...! Cheh!

Boleh tahan!

I love this one also. Brilliant and brave in its on class.

Apa ini?

Lovely fairy... wear it and beware...

3) Itinerary
a) Best Employee Presentation
b) Group performance (1 or 2 performance for each group)
4) Prizes: a) Group best dress b) Group best performance c) Lucky draw d) Lucky table

5) Kindly be informed that we are in the process to finalise the venue of our annual dinner.

Should you need further explanation, pls do not hesitate to contact our HQ Annual Dinner Committee:

Thank You & Regards,


  1. Aku lak , tak suka pegi Annual Dinner mana2 tempat aku keja pasal nanti aku takut aku nampak orang melayu islam yang aku kenal minum alkohol. Macam siot dorang, jantan kaberet suar!