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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Inhaling Oxigen In Perdana Lake Garden (...Exhaling CO2)

Here, in Lake Garden
(I used to walk alone occasionally on Sunday... whilst my hubby still sleeping in the weekend's morning & my kids being taken to visit their grandma and grandpa at kampung)
... a charming nearest place offering me beautiful flowers
and it also has a few horses which are catered for the kids to have ashort ride around the area. It's nice to have a stroll and say hello to the horses.

My favorite corner in Lake Garden is Japanese Garden area, occupied by 'bamboo grass', peebles and tiny bonzai and other shrub.

Still, for fresher and pure atmostphere - I'm dreaming of inhaling oxigen in Royal Belum Tropical Reserve Jungle

I'm dreaming of using natural jungle track in Hutan Lipur Gunung Senyum or Fraser's Hill.
I'm the one who enjoy walk in nature trails...
Imagine, walking through the dreamy forest, full with morning dew on the tree leaves and grasses. I'll make sure I'll stop a while on that nature trails and enjoy the sights and quiteness against the soft chirping sounds oft the birds, and sun rays peeping through the canopy of leaves. I'll let myself immerse in the process, enjoy the sights and sounds of it all!

I'm dreaming of Lake Bera & Lake Chini aquatic panoramic view during lotus seasons.
It might feel so peaceful out in the middle of the lake and it might feel as if you are in another world. Bliss....

Soon, when all those my three little kids already grown up,
only then my dream to those places will come true...


  1. salam,hi there, thanks for visiting my blog ..

    I read your comment on my entry of culinary school. basically I made some review about website which offers the directory for culinary schools. You know what, I can't cook, I just can cook "nasik" and megi and masak air. LOL. You know, boy's kind of thinking like me, why cook? women will cook for men.. but I have intention to learn to cook too.


    yeah, let exchange the link - just put your link on my blog.

  2. (huh, mane aku pegi, mesti ader si faizal ni...pelik betol ar...)
    hmm...sbnrnyer sajer nak drop by kat sini....anyway,best gak main jln2 sambil tangkap gambar...tp kalo dah keje tu, asyik hirup CO2 je la....O2 langsung x der...huhu

  3. (ader lg benda nak ckp ni)
    awak suke jgk ek lagu "sebelum cahaya " ni?
    Bgos2...saya pun suke gak lagu ni...
    kalo dgr jer, teringat plak kat si dia (aiceh!)...

  4. Salam...
    Thanks Enche' Faizal.
    Your blog reflecting intelectual value in most of the aspects.

    I love to learn English through studying the sentences & phrases there.

    Anyway, saya sudah taruk link kamu di sini...

  5. Salam...
    Saya ingat Dutchman manalah tadi...

    Kamu dok Gombak study law kat UIA kar? Forgive me If I were wrong.

    My younger brother just graduated 2007. Kolej Bilal UIA.

  6. Sebelum Cahaya by Letto is merely a beaitiful song... poetic gittew.

  7. eemmm nice ... i like morning scenery .

  8. Dear Jentayu...
    Wah... I saw just now you have 4 blogs...

    I see... you love jungle tracking as well...

    Morning scenery is usually full of serenity and pure, especially on mountain track & hilly area, with green, green grass... and the morning rain is pouring... Chewah...!