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Monday, February 11, 2008

Kerja Gila, Gila Kerja... So what's next big project?

Hmmm... my better quarter and I.. (can I say like that? no I can not).
We were at Mid Valley Jusco, during pre-Chinese New Year Store Visit.

See there... Casa Impian Of Datin Norlindah booth.
I'm thinking of doing countermeasure in expanding the Casa Impian section @Jusco Mid Valley.
Currently, in Jusco, Casa Impian only available at hi-end stores
like Jusco Mid Valley, Jusco Bandar Utama and Jusco Home Centre Bandar Utama.

Now, February 1st quarter of year 2008.
I'm a very busy woman right now.
Planning through-out of year 2008 until at least February 2009.

My biggest project in 2008 for Jusco Home Furnishing department

a). New stores opening
(Seberang Prai City,Jusco Keramat AU2, Jusco Bukit Indah Johore Bahru
plus another 3 Jusco Max Value SSMs).
Planning fixtures, core category planning and something features for new stores
not forgetting sourcing for New Store Opening Merchandise
to be advertised widely nationwide.

b). Developing quality & value home furnishing products
(Cushion & Curtain Range)
called Jusco Selection Total Co-Ordination Series and Non-total Co-Ordination series.
4 times launching - Spring, Summer, Fall, Festive
I always get headache creating themes, concept, colours selection , bla-bla-bla...
In line with planning for fixtures, lay-out planning, allocation, etc.

c). Developing Garden Series Soft Furnishing.
Similar to Laura Ashley concepts.
Every 3 months, 2 designs should be launched.
It covers: Cushions, Ready Made Curtains, Table Cloth & Kitchen Assembles.

d) Festive planning
(Hari Raya, Joy Of X'mas, Christmas Trees, Ornaments... Another Chinese New Year)... Planning until you faint lah Aisya!
Aiyyah... mopiko laila...

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