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Friday, February 1, 2008

Ikan Kepok,Terpijak Membawa Derita

What's this? Aliens? Weird creatures? Twin monsters? Human faced fish.
They are fishes.
The name = kepok. Ikan kepok.
Live underneath the beach sands. Look alike a coral..
Never step on this face... on this fish.
If you stepped with your bare foot, you will lost your foot in a week time.
The poison from the fish's horn will be injected into your flesh.
In 24-hours, your foot will turn into blue colors.
In 3 days, your foot will change into black color.
My brother's friend once run barefeet along the coast somewhere in Sabah.
He felt something hard hit his feet and it was very painful.
He digged the sand and found nothing.
After 4 days, his foot turn black.
The doctor in hospital cut his foot around 7cm, and all the poisoned blood came out suddenly.

A squid.

Just before its dead moments. The brownish color was still there. Once the sotong died, the skin completely pale and turned white. Cooking suggestion: Best grilled and broiled

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