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Friday, February 1, 2008

Finger Lickin' Good ; Monitor Dragon Roaster

Varanus salvator, the Asian Water Monitor Lizard,
is a close relative of the more famous Komodo dragon (V. komodoensis).
We call it Biawak.
This is a rather large lizard; males grow to about 2.5 m or so.
It is still considered one of the most common large lizard we have!
Some specimens are also exported as pets.
If you like having monstrous sized pets and have the facilities to keep them properly,
this is the species to get!
I do NOT recommend this species as a pet for the average person!
Watching them in nature is a lot more fascinating than having a Komodo-dragon look-alike that begs for food in the house.

Grilled Biawak. An exotic food. I wish I was there, so that I could take a smell on the item.

They said (the coast men who grilled and then ate this), it's finger lickin good.
Very yummy, similar to chicken taste.... but more delicious.

"Lemak Berkrim, Disukai ramai", orang ramai yang mendapat sample percuma kata

"Goreng pun sodap..." recommended by the chef

Hmmm... this is a version of Kenny Roger's Roaster by the beach.

Look at the head, eeeiawww...

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