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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Lavender Is My New Obsession!

" Womanist is to feminist as purple is to lavender - Alice Walker "

It's all began when I joined my department's Away Day at Port Dickson in September 2011.
Before this, I never concerned about 'Lavender Smells'. Although I used to be candles and aromatherapy buyer, that sourcing for purple color with lavender scent, it never came to my sense that lavender has a very sensual and calming scent.

I stayed on water chalet with my roommate - Sharifah Suryaney.
Full set of bath amenities provided.
(But I preferred to use my own which I brought inside my travel pack)
The Avi Spa products; The Shampoo, The Conditioner, The Bath Gel and The Body Lotion. They are all organic, bio-degradable and Paraben-free. I did not even took a sniff on them!

"Saya suka bau dia, bau lavender...!" mentioned Sue. Lavender? So what?
I smiled but still could not digest the statement.
I never knew how does lavender smells like.

Last week, Saturday, November 14th, I was housekeeping. I found these bath gel and shampoo still inside my backpack. I tried in my shower.. Wooowwww! It came
with immediacy and intensity, smell activates the memory, allowing our minds to travel freely in time.

I read the packaging -
"Valour: a defining scent that invokes all inner confidence
and provides clarity on doubts inspired by the water elements."

*I owned this set at home. I love the smell it produces... very sensual. It's very soothing, calming & comforting scent*

This week, I just recovered from bad fever, bad cough.
I cleaned my house starting from Tuesday - Friday.
Changed my Ambi Pur Instantmatic refill pack from Cotton-Fresh scent to Lavender.

Also, I bought 2 Tesco Brand Lavender Pouches which I hang dangling from the ceiling right infront my laptop screen on Japanese table. Another one next to my bedpost. Its scent and aroma fill the lungs as does the sun on every morning. I find lavender has a somewhat minty-herbal-fresh-clean-smoky-purple smell. Yeah.

Last weekend, I was walking on Jusco Wellness Pharmacy aisles as early as 10.30am,
searching for correct lavender scent body shampoo. I whiffed from bottle to bottle until I could not help sneezing.

I ended up bought this one Summer Lavender Body Shampoo. But when I applied to my body,
I knew that was not what i wanted. Unsatisfied, today I bought this...2 at RM10.00.
May Shower Cream. Also not satisfied.

Not forgotten, I took Yardley English Lavender Tonique Pour Le Corps.
Okay la... I'm happy with the smell.

I have tried Johnson's Bedtime bath, but this time, I want to switch from something smells 'milky' or baby-smell to ... peaceful scent that brings me a peace that I have never known.

Lavender is primarily used in connection with insomnia, anxiety, depression, and mood disturbances. Many recent and past studies showing lavender’s effectiveness in producing calming, soothing, and anti-convulsive effects in those who use it. Of several fragrances tested by aromatherapy researchers, lavender was most effective at relaxing brain waves and reducing stress. It also reduces computer errors by almost one-fourth when used to scent the office.

Product Review: I love M the most.
'Ambi Pur Lavender Gel Fresh' for it's herbal-fresh-clean-smoky-purple smell.
Number 2, goes to L, Lavender Air Wash (same company with Air Wick)

Product Review: A & F = Air Mist
B, C, D = Spray Type Air Freshener.
A comparing to F, I like A. Because the mist produced just like sprayed from the water sprayer, fresher. Amongst B, C, D, I choose D for I does not smells like Johnson Bedtime Bath.

Shown in the photo above, the Ambi Pur Dual function air freshener. 1st step to clean the air, 2nd step to re-fresh the air. I might purchase it soon when I get my November salary.


  1. Can you tell me where I can buy the Johnson baby Bedtime set above? Thank you.