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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Healthy Wealthy (Part 2) : Making New Friends

Hullo, welcome back!
Today is the coolest day I ever had since the past 1 year.
I had experienced a full-pack healthy activities through out the day.

6.30am I was in Tasik Perdana (Lake Garden) climbing 142 steps on a staircase to Memorial Tun Abd Razak, I did it 2 times.

7.00am - 8.00am ,I successfully did simple Tai Chi routine conducted the Tai Chi group lead by Uncle Khoo. There I met my new friend, Kak Aisyah who helps me much to improve my Tai Chi steps. (she bears same name like mine)

This Lenglui name is Jeanne, my nutrition instructor from Healthy Wealthy Nutrition Club. I first met her 1 week ago during my competitors survey at Jusco Metroprima. Next to her is a beautiful lady , Salmah who shares a lot about health stories, benefits and concerns.

3 steps: 1st for cleansing ( I can taste a lime/citrus zest in that clear cleansing portion) H . Aloe cleansing drink, 2ndly for energy... it's a H. Concentrate Tea. 3rd for nutrition , taste like vanilla-banana milkshakes

I love the curtain with Money-Come & Luck-Calling Cats motiffs.

This is appeals to me. Pantang aku orang sebut 'tak tahu'!

Kit, also an instructor there. He is young, rich and famous!

My new 1 Malaysia friends.

Kak Ai-Lin, my new friend who suffered from 'sakit lutut' 8 months ago.

This poster is very meaningful and so true. Don't you believe that in my house I don't have even single grains of sugar since last August 2011? Only purchased bila ada guest datang. (Hotel sachet type)

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  1. There was an article in the Singapore newspaper about a Malay doctor who is in charge of the emergency section at the hospital, she is also an MP.
    Whats interesting is she says there is "no salt and no sugar " in her home.