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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Kuala Muda Fishing Village By The River's Mouth (PART 3)


*** The water 's rising. I realized that only my kids abd I were at this area. Let's move to get noticed by the crowd!***

*** I was scared man! My heart trembled... dag, dig, dug....
If the tsunami suddenly happened, I would be a dead meat. This is a sand's hill, not a flat plain sandy beach. During normal time, the sea water level supposed to be 300 metres away, much more lower than this time.
See, how high the water emerged. Mengucap!***

(the next day, Monday 5th May, I watched TV news reported about high tides affecting Kuala Kedah, Alor Setar nearby areas and certain area in Seberang Perai, Penang)

*** The tide was rising. The boat was actually on the sand's hill. The high waves was rising. My hand was shaking to shoot the photos. My leg was trembling at that time***


*** During low tide,
we can walk on the sea's floor about 500 - 900 metres away from this spot***

*** Looking at the other side, where tsunami waves attacked in 2004.
A tragedy to be remembered.
Always makes me phobia to step in by the seaside***

*** It was 11.30 in the morning***

*** Opposite side, Kedah Fishing Dock Complex***

***"Don't you dare to pick up any stuffed bottle and open it up!"***
(I'm afraid of letting the genie out!)

*** Far beyond the horizon, Penang Island can be seen from miles away***


  1. lucky you're not drowned by the tsunami...
    are those boats flipped by the tsunami that had struck the sea?
    what a horrible scene...

  2. interesting nye...
    thanks for sharing...aku betul2 teruja..
    senang sambung cerita2 ah

  3. Mr Van Der Shraaf...
    Spupu aku rumah kena tsunami.

    Aku pun melawat tempat ken tsunami tuh...
    Sedih, lumpur hitam menyeliputi hampir sumer area... dinding pecah...

    Tapi aku rasa belah Penang Kuala Muda nih tak penah kena tsunami. The other side yes....

  4. Laaa En. Deaf...
    aku mana ada modal nak pegi tempat2 yang berbayar nih...

    Sumer tempat aku pegi tempat yg free.
    Satu lagik aku sukakan nature.
    Aku tak suka pegi tempat yg dah exposed & actively promoted dlm media.