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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Have You Ever Seen The Rain?

Have You Ever Seen The Rain?

(by Creedence Clearwater Revival)


Song Profile for Have You Ever Seen The Rain?

People who like the song
"Have You Ever Seen The Rain?"
describe themselves as Friendly, Laid-Back, and Open-Minded.
The dominant color is Blue
and the sign of most people who dig it is

The Color:
Blue is a very emotional color.
It can be electric, cool and spiritual,
but it can also be distant, aloof and sad.
Blue can change the world,
but requires a great deal of persistence
to harness its power.

tends to be either very high ("Blue Sky")
or very low ("Blue Monday").

All these feelings can be a lot for blue,
so it thrives in a relaxed atmosphere
where it can treasure what life has to offer.
Balance and unity are a big deal for blue.

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