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Sunday, April 29, 2012

AdiRatna Sunday Rose

I'm easy... like Sunday morning!
Pamper my self this heavenly beautiful morning with chirping bird sounds around the house.

I am going to have a city tour in another 2 hours to go.
To do some brisk walking looking a cobalt grey cardigans from Semua House
and a Creme T-shirt blouse to be paired with my Dusty Pink skirt.

Hope I can get something from SOGO as well.
Yesterday was so huru-hara, I paid parking fees for RM8.00 just for a 50% shopping enjoyment.

* my se.le.bet. (bukan ce-leb.brit.y) pasar & bazaar visiting face 
during lazy Sunday... 
standard makcik-makcik Sungai Penchala *

Hmmm... today I will do some survey & homeworking for my fashion lines.
It will be named as Aisya Redd Rohim Collection
( soon, I will launch a new blog for my wardrobe and apparel lines).
100% originally designed by Aisya Redd Rohim.

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