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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Menteri Pengawal Rega Barangan Tak Potong Kuku... Wa Cakap Lu!

hear ye hear ye: jangan berhenti scroll selagi tak jumpa gambar pengetip kuku. 

As the Number 1 Retailer in Malaysia, 
we will continue to lead with our ‘#1 for Great Prices” campaign 
which comprises six pillars:-

PRICE CUT of over 600 long term low prices
PRICE PROMISE: We will honour the price as shown or advertised
GREAT PROMOTIONS: 3000 promotions every week with great savings
TESCO VALUE offering 350 basic items at cheapest prices
TESCO BRAND where we offer leading brand quality at 20% lower prices
FRESH where we offer cheap fresh market deals

Yesterday morning, Dato’ Sri Ismail Sabri Bin Yaakob, Minister of Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism launched the ‘#1 for Great Prices’ campaign at Tesco Ampang, which will see over 600 essential daily items with discounts up to 30% in all our 45 stores.

As our brand ambassadors, you can contribute by ensuring we do all the above  and at the same time help to spread the message that Tesco is ‘#1 for Great Prices’ to your family and friends.

tuhan, tolong masukkan alat potong kuku
dalam senarai 2000 barangan bakal turun harga
kerana belakang kami kami terlalu banyak luka
kesan di garu menteri pengawal barangan

Hmmm.. sapa pulak agaknyer yang gigih dan tekun memicit jerawat aka black head, white head, mahogany head on the sexy back of Le Sayyid Mahogany Guitar Sendirian Berhad Unlimited Unpredicted Untame-able Exotica Et Je T'aime Encore pada zaman uronium neyh...  zaman jurassic batu kapur dah lama berlalu!


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