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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Planning Ahead to Danau To' Uban... Old City of Chermin Empire

I'm tired. I long for a vacation!
August would be the busiest month in 2nd half 2008.
I'll be away to Seberang Prai, Penang for new Jusco stores Opening for about 25 days!

If I were a man, I would manage my hitch-hiking activities
and travel alone to the mysterious land.
I plan to set my feet in Kelantan next year.
My destination: Danau To' Uban.

I talked to my partner Mr. Anuar about my programme... and he asked me what for???
I explained that I want to witness with my naked eyes
and study the mysterious area Bukit Panau , Danau To' Uban myself.
Supposely, its all about the related ideas of FUTURE PHENOMENON
It is believed that 'HARTA UNTUK BELANJA PERANG AKHIR ZAMAN' is hidden there... bla-bla-bla...

Mr. Anuar said nothing about my plan.
Angguk tidak, geleng pun tidak.
I know, he doesn't trust that I can drive to Pasir Mas, Kelantan.
Sibuk tak yakin mana nak tidur.
There is hostels at Pusat Tahfiz Al-Qur'an near Masjid Brunei there... by the lake side.

I plan to take my whole family there, with me.

It's quite impossible for a mother, a wife like me
to travel alone to rural area of Kelantan just to discover this.

So, from now on (6 month before my journey),
I must exercise a lots, to keep fit... I should plan my schedule.
Working with JUSCO, you are restricted to take maximum 5 days leaves
(except marriage leaves, cuti pegi Umrah/Haji & hospitalisation)

Danau Tok Uban! I'm coming!


  1. Entry forum & forumer/ blogger kemukakan idea, hujah... ibarat
    catalyst jerk...

    kena ada check and balance system

  2. tempat mana ni ko nak pegi ni? danau tok uban?

    wei, invest in a good camera la wei..tu pun kalo ada budget hehehe..
    beli 2nd hand pun ok ler..

  3. a'ah aku nak pegi Danau Tok Uban kat Pasir Mas Kelantan tuh...

    aku tak der modal nak invest beli kamera bagus... dah beli kamera dalam handphone pun kira manyak beruah badan, seyyy...

    aku banyak invest modified keta aku lately, taruk itulah, tukar itulah...
    pastu minyak naik... nak invest utk future anak2 aku lagik... nak beli unit trust lagik... nak invest ternakan puyuh lagik...

    aku salah seorang warga Malaysia yg tak bleh berlebih2an dalam soal kamera... ada manyak perkara pokok yg jauh lebih utama...

    aku nak pegi , mudah2an aku dibukakan ilham,...

  4. all the best... real ah ko suka explore2 gini