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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Let's Think Out Of The Box!!!

I'm very busy lately...
So many things to be settled down... family matters.... company matters...

Today for the whole day I collect around RM77,000 + RM110,000 from my suppliers
to be pumped into my department gross profit.
Imagine: you run business without profits! That sounds crazy.

As a senior purchaser, you must master the figure.
The basic key:
Opening Inventory + Purchase = Sales + Price Alteration + Loss + Closing Inventory.

The you have to master Open To Buy policy, Turn Over Days and manage your profits.

Soon, next week is my evaluation for 1st Half 2008 performance.
Submission of Management By Objectives (MBO).

In Jusco there are 2 systems to increase your income...
1. Up-Grading (1 half of every year achievements & evaluation)
2. Annual Increament (2nd half of every year achievements & evaluation).

Yet, still I'm not prepared to study & reading the book - It's Not About The Coffee
(Leadership Principles from a Life at Starbucks)

Now I'm nailed down to Harmoniser Forum (CVT).

Saturday, Sunday, .. I spent most of the time reading one by one challenging topics
Monday & Tuesday ... I thinked and thinked ... thinked out of the box...

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