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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Chime Long Safari Resort & Convention Centre ... Jom ...!

"Wow....!" and there were also "Whoaaaa!!!"

I like it. I like the concept & the theme applied to the hotel.
Yet, some might protest - whoever care... against animal cruelty...

It's an exclusive five-star convention hotel located in China's only Safari Park area.
The hotel's design and decoration utilises open space and natural materials to create a relaxing environment with the ambience of the wild outdoors.

Once you step into the entrance, you can smell lavender fragrance everywhere...

Look, this is the ideas when the lizard turn up to be a crocodile.
I should snap some photos when we having tea time at "Crocodile Bar" next to Flamingo Atrium.

Stuffed real crocodiles every where.... near your sofas, next to the pillars, they attached in crawling motion on the wall... (ingat cicak ker?)...

There was about 20 crocodiles inside "Crocodiles Bar"

All stuffed real crocodiles in "Crocodiles Bar" average size is about 5 to 6 metres.

Tengok kat gambar memanglah kecik. My handphone camera tak boleh zoom...
Ekor dia ajer muat nak taruk badan manusia sebesar badanku itu...

I put on weight drastically. Obviously 5 kgs in 5 days!
Every day I drank 2-3 glasses of fresh milk (China Milk Scandal? I didn't care, I put trust!
So many white peoples either consumed milk products without being hesitate).

Morning time, 2 omellettes... with mushroom, cheese, tomatoes inside... salmon steaks... aha..

Jangan main-main ,...
Ini bukan Thailand Chicken
Ini Thailand Crocodile...

Mari kita lihat profile dia;

panjangnya 5.58 meter... berat 2,500 kilogram....
umurnya ketika mati : dekat-dekat 60 tahun

Ada dua ekor yang sama besar macam ni diaorang lekat kat pillar.
Laki-bini agaknya,... sehidup-semati kononnya.

In Flamingo Atrium, the hotel captivated a flock of beautiful flamingos in natural set-up.

I noticed that among flamingos there, there were some with darker pinky-peachy shades, some of them have brighter tones... Why?

At first I thought they came from different groups...
But after I saw they use to feed the flamingos with food containing heavy pinky-peachy coloring, I started to think different way.....

Is the color of the feathers depends on food absorbation or its it just like that...?

In addition, to bring me even closer to the safari, there's two White Tigers under White Tigers Atrium, where we can have a morning breakfast just separated by glass sheets away from the tigers.

Don't forget, just be alert.... banyak sungguh bangkai-bangkai binatang di sini....
Cuba cari binatang-binatang tersembunyi... ada ajer terselit di celah-celah sudut, di balik pintu, banyak betul...

There were also Mr & Mrs Giraffe, Gnu, Antelope, Deers, Cheetah, Leopard, White Tiger and many more dried-stuffed real animals....

Hmmm... for those who never been here before, after all I say ... this Chime Long Hotel lebih kurang macam Genting Highlands (in terms of road structure & entrance) and somewhere similar to Sunway Lagoon Hotel Resort & Convention Centre (in terms of decorations & concept)...

On my last day here, during check-out I received a suprise... They suddenly gave me a gift... Baby White Tiger toys... I was questioned why I was the only one there handed the gift.... Oho... then they sang me a "Happy Birthday" song.... hu,hu,hu.... terharu...


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